The Wardian Case Company

terrarium stained glass doors
The deep base on this terrarium takes plenty of soil and succulents for example, can grow
through the arched sides.

 All pieces are constructed in the Tiffany style, stained glass, copper foiled and soldered, no "stick-on-lead strips" or "painted glass". Colours will not fade.

stained glass wardian case door
orchid wardian case detail

Tri-arium with the rear pod removed and replaced with a panel designed by the customer.

stained glass pagoda terrarium
(Ideal Bonsai house)


This large (62 h x 48 w cms) terrarium has plenty of air flow, perfect for Bonsai trees.
pagoda terrarium stained glass
pagoda terrarium detail
octagonal orchid wardian case


The roof of this piece lifts off to allow access, and the bottom is sealed glass. This can be reversed, the roof soldered to the sides and no glass base. A rubber seal is then put around the base edge and, placed on a flat surface, you have an airtight piece, perfect for making a humid environment.

set 3 stained glass window planters

Window cill planters, great for herbs etc., hand-made to your specifications.

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